Thirst for knowledge or lack of knowledge?

Here we quench the thirst and fill the gap! Find out how our raw materials are obtained. What benefits do our products offer? What are the drivers of our business? In this section, we provide fascinating insights into our world and diverse aspects of our business.

Did you know, for instance, that potassium, an important plant nutrient, is an element occurring in nature and that it cannot be produced synthetically? All the world’s major potash deposits resulted from the evaporation of seawater. Today, these natural deposits of potash are predominantly mined conventionally underground. read more

Or do you know the “Law of the Minimum” formulated by Justus von Liebig? It states that the growth and yield of plants is limited by the availability of the scarcest resource. If only one nutrient is missing, a good supply of all the others will not help! read more


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