Welcome in the wonderful working world.

As a student at K+S, you have numerous opportunities to apply your knowledge and gain insights into the business of an international mining company. Whether you want to get to know the day-to-day business during an internship or want to write your final thesis with us, you can expect exciting challenges and individual support.

Basic internships for students


Are you a high school graduate and want to study a technical degree (e.g. mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or industrial engineering)? Do you need an internship to be accepted for these courses? No problem! 



During an internship you have the opportunity to gain insights of the diverse tasks of an internationally active company and acquire initial experience in the world of work.



Hard work, commitment, interest and passion brought you far. You’ve been successful in your studies and now you’re on the verge of completion. We will offer you the chance to write your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis in our Group...

Student employees


Do you want to earn a little extra alongside your studies and gain practical experience and contacts at the same time to start your career? Then apply to us for a working student job.



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