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The image of a miner with his pick and shovel has belonged to the past for a long time now. Nowadays, potash and rock salt mining are characterised by the use of computer-controlled machinery. Find out more about the everyday work of a miner or take a tour through our Merkers Adventure Mine.

Every miner is a specialist at his workplace. One bores the holes (large holes and blast holes) using complex machinery, while his colleague, the blaster, then inserts the explosive and attaches the detonators. That’s a lot of work, because the driller first has to drill 60 holes, with a diameter of 35 millimetres, seven metres deep into the rock. read more.

At the Merkers Adventure Mine, visitors can visit the underground mining museum and experience technology hands-on. The “gold room” is also very popular. It was here that, until spring 1945, about 220 tons of gold in the form of bars, banknotes and coins, and worth millions, were stored. These were the gold and foreign currency stocks of the German Reichsbank in Berlin. read more.


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