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Leaving school and finding the right way for your future is an important decision which is not easy to take. Which type of job is interesting for you – administration or technology? Which type of educational training is suitable for you? An apprenticeship, studying or a combination of both? Many questions have to be answered. We – the K+S Group – can help you find an answer to these questions. We offer many opportunities for you to create your own success story.

What you can expect from K+S

There are many opportunities to start your individual career. Either doing an internship, an apprenticeship or a dual study program combining apprenticeship and a university studies. We offer career opportunities which fit to your needs and requirements – because our goal is to support every employee of K+S individually.


An internship at K+S provides you with the opportunity to get to know the diverse tasks performed by our international company. You will gain first insights into your selected job profile. During the internship, you will get the chance to discover what really matters in practice – directly from people who talk and work with you openly and constructively. Thus, an internship will support you and provide professional orientation.


We offer our apprenticeships for more than 10 locations in Germany. In general an apprenticeship at K+S takes 2-3 years. During your apprenticeship you will learn about the different departments of your respective working field in Mining, Engineering & Maintenance, Research & Development or commercial occupations. This allows you to gain knowledge and skills for your practical work. Furthermore you will get theoretical input at school, e.g. 3 days per week or in teaching blocks. We look upon vocational training as an important investment in the future, yours as wellas ours You can find all apprenticeships here – in German.

Dual study program

A dual study program at K+S gives you the opportunity to combine both an apprenticeship and study. Working in different departments and studying at university at the same time. K+S offers you the chance to gain practical experience right from the start whilst acquiring a wealth of theoretical knowledge at university. At the end of the program you will not only graduate from the apprenticeship but will also receive a Bachelor's degree. We offer dual study programs in the fields of Geoinformatics & Surveying Technology, Business Informatics, Business Administration and Logistics. You can find all dual study programs here – in German language.

What K+S expects from you

A successful school graduation certified by a diploma is an essential condition to start an apprenticeship at K+S. For a dual study program you need a higher education entrance qualification. Furthermore, it is important to have sufficient German language skills. 

How to apply

  • Are you interested in working at K+S? You can find all open job offers in our job market.
  • You can apply online via our job portal. Here you can find information about how to apply to K+S and about our application process.

We are looking forward to receiving your application. If you have any questions, please contact our Recruiting-team.



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