Value creation

Raw materials are at the beginning of many value chains.

Raw materials are at the beginning of many value chains: Our plant nutrient products contribute towards ensuring a food supply for the growing global population. Our pharmaceutical salts are important for health. Our salts for food supplements provide people and animals with essential minerals. Our industrial products make an important contribution to safety, progress and prosperity across the world.

Our value chain in the Potash and Magnesium Products business unit and in the Salt business unit, which extends over the following six sections, is presented below: exploration, mining, production, logistics, sales/ marketing and application.

The K+S Value Chain


Potash and rock salt deposits underground are predominantly explored worldwide using underground drilling and seismic measurements that enable a spatial representation of underground geological structures. Exploration provides insights on the dimensions and structure of deposits, as well as the depth and mineral content. Comprehensive data is therefore available for a reserve estimation in accordance with international standards.


We extract raw materials in conventional mining above and below ground as well as through solution mining. We also use the power of the sun and extract salt by evaporating saline water, generally sea water.

The broadly comparable mining methods make the realisation of synergies between the Potash and Magnesium Products and Salt business units possible. These involve the exchange of technical, geological and logistics know-how as well as coordinated procurement of machines and auxiliary materials.


The processing and refining of raw materials is one of our core competencies. The crude salt mined by us passes through multi-stage mechanical or physical processes without changing its natural properties.


Our supply chain management governs, controls and monitors the entire supply chain in order to ensure reliable supply to our customers worldwide under competitive terms and conditions. We make use of various transport carriers as best as we can, taking into account their    individual advantages, and incorporate more environmentally friendly and cost-effective railway lines and waterways as much as possible.

Sales and distribution/ marketing

K+S aims to be the ‘go-to’ partner for its customers. Highproduct quality and reliability are crucial prerequisitesfor this. We offer a comprehensive range of goods andservices for agriculture, industry and public and privateconsumers. We strive for greatest possible proximity toour customers, we offer many tailor-made products andwe are active across the world through our efficient andcustomer-oriented distribution network.


Unsere Kunden wenden unsere Produkte an, setzen unsere Rohstoffe in ihren Prozessen ein Our customers apply our products, use our raw materials in their processes or process them in their products. We make extensive product information available and advise our customers on the application of our products.


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