Dr. Thomas Nöcker was born in Neukirchen-Vluyn (North Rhine-Westphalia) in 1958. After his studies of law and subsequently obtaining a doctorate at Münster, he completed legal traineeships e.g. in Dusseldorf and Montreal, Canada. In 1991, he started his professional career at RAG Aktiengesellschaft, where he held various positions, subsequently taking over responsibility for the central staff division; a position he held until 1998. In the same year, he was appointed member of the Board of Executive Directors of RAG Saarberg AG and assigned responsibility for personnel, legal affairs and IT management/organisation. Since August 2003, Dr. Thomas Nöcker is a member of the Board of Executive Directors of K+S Aktiengesellschaft and Personnel Director. He is responsible for Corporate HR, Corporate IT, Corporate Health, Safety & Environment, the Business Center (Communication Services, Financial Accounting, Insurances, IT Services, Logistics Europe, Procurement/ Material  Management Europe, Project Management, Real Estate and Facility Management) as well as K+S Transport GmbH, K+S Versicherungsvermittlungs GmbH and Wohnbau Salzdetfurth GmbH.



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