Board of Executive Directors

Dr. Burkhard Lohr (born in 1963)

Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors, Business Administration graduate

Joined K+S in 2012

Mandate until 31.05.2020
First Appointment: 01.06.2012

Corporate Board Office
Corporate Communications
Corporate Development
Corporate HR
Internal Auditing
Investor Relations
Legal, GRC, Corporate Secretary
Technical Center with sub-units (Digital Transformation, Geology, Mining, Research and Development, Technics/Energy)  
All direct shareholdings of the Company insofar as they are not assigned to another area of responsibility

Supervisory Board appointments: K+S KALI GmbH (Chairman)
Supervisory bodies: North West Regoinal Advisory Board Commerzbank AG

Curriculum vitae and Photo Dr. Burkhard Lohr

Thorsten Boeckers (born in 1975)


Joined K+S in 2012

Mandate until 11.05.2020
First Appointment: 12.05.2017

Corporate Controlling
Corporate Finance and Accounting
Corporate Procurement
Corporate Tax

Supervisory Board appointments: K+S KALI GmbH
Supervisory bodies: Southern Regional Advisory Board HDI Global SE

Curriculum vitae and Photo Thorsten Boeckers

Dr. Otto Lose (born in 1971)

Lawyer, Economist

Joined K+S in 2017

Mandate until 31.12.2019
First Appointment: 01.01.2017

Potash and Magnesium Products Business Unit
Waste Management and Recycling Business Unit

Supervisory Board appointments: K+S KALI GmbH

Curriculum vitae and Photo Dr. Otto Lose

Dr. Thomas Nöcker (born in 1958)

Personnel Director, Lawyer

Joined K+S in 2003

Mandate until 31.08.2018
First Appointment: 01.08.2003

Corporate HR
Corporate IT
Corporate Health, Safety & Environment
Business Center with sub-units (Communication Services, Financial Accounting, HR Services, Insurances,  IT Services, Logistics Europe, Procurement/ Material Management Europe, Project Management, Real Estate & Facility Management)
K+S Transport GmbH
K+S Versicherungsvermittlungs GmbH  
K+S Wohnbau Salzdetfurth GmbH

Supervisory Board appointments: K+S KALI GmbH

Curriculum vitae and Photo Dr. Thomas Nöcker

Mark Roberts (born in 1963)

Bachelor of Science (Marketing)

Joined K+S in 1992

Mandate until 30.09.2020
First Appointment: 01.10.2012

Salt Business Unit
Animal Hygiene Products

Curriculum vitae and Photo Mark Roberts