Board of Executive Directors

Norbert Steiner (born in 1954)

Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors, Lawyer

Corporate Communications
Corporate Development
Corporate Executive HR
Governance/Risk/Compliance/Corporate Secretary
Internal Audit
Investor Relations

Joined K+S in 1993

Mandate until 11.05.2017
First Appointment: 12.05.2000

Supervisory Board appointments: Talanx AG, HDI V.a.G., K+S KALI GmbH (chairman)

Profile and Photo Norbert Steiner

Dr. Burkhard Lohr (born in 1963)

Business Administration graduate

Corporate Controlling
Corporate Finance and Accounting
Corporate Procurement
Corporate Tax
Technical Center (Environment and Safety, Geology, Mining, Research and Development, Technics/Energy)  
Chemische Fabrik Kalk 
K+S Consulting
MSW Chemie

Joined K+S in 2012

Mandate until 31.05.2020
First Appointment: 01.06.2012

Profile and Photo Dr. Burkhard Lohr

Dr. Thomas Nöcker (born in 1958)

Personnel Director, Lawyer

Corporate HR
Corporate IT
Business Center (Communication Services, Financial Accounting, HR Services, Insurances,  IT Services, Legal, Logistics Europe, Procurement/ Material  Management Europe, Project Management, Real Estate and Facility Management)
K+S Transport GmbH

Joined K+S in 2003

Mandate until 31.07.2016
First Appointment: 01.08.2003

Supervisory Board appointments: K+S KALI GmbH

Profile and Photo Dr. Thomas Nöcker

Dr. Andreas Radmacher (born in 1965)

Engineering graduate

Potash and Magnesium Products business unit
Waste Management and Recycling business unit
Inactive Plants

Joined K+S in 2013

Mandate until 31.08.2016
First Appointment: 01.09.2013

Supervisory Board appointments: K+S KALI GmbH

Profile and Photo Dr. Andreas Radmacher

Mark Roberts (born in 1963)

Bachelor of Science (Marketing)

Salt business unit
Animal Hygiene Products

Joined K+S in 1992

Mandate until 30.09.2015
First Appointment: 01.10.2012

Profile and Photo Mark Roberts