Management guidelines

The management culture of the K+S Group is based on trust. Trust is a prerequisite for a dedicated, cooperative environment and contributes to corporate success.

Talk with one other and trust each other:


  • respect others and their opinions
  • reject every form of discrimination and live the K+S core values
  • take time to talk, listen to others and let them finish talking
  • deal openly with mistakes and solve conflicts objectively

Act purposefully and design changes:


  • support changes and prepare ourselves for new requirements on time
  • optimise processes, minimise costs and so contribute to K+S’ competitiveness
  • show initiative, accept responsibility and make clear decisions

Encourage and support employees:


  • motivate our employees to excel and support their ideas and proposals
  • assign tasks and responsibilities to them and encourage their strengths
  • speak with our employees about their behaviour and performance and invite their feedback about our own cooperation

Lead with objectives:


  • define our Group’s and our own objectives to our employees
  • develop and agree demanding, realisable, scheduled and measurable objectives with our employees
  • motivate our employees to participate actively in the agreement on objectives and to implement their objectives with commitment


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