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Why K+S?

We can name many reasons why K+S is a good employer. But who could describe this better than our employees themselves:

Nils Flach (Mining Apprentice):
"Mining is important for K+S , not only the mining per se, salt mining, but also our buddy-mentality, the fellowship. Everyone must be able to blindly rely on the others. We have great comradery underground.“

Johannes Böhle (Sales & Marketing Europe):
"To me, K+S is a very down-to-earth company with a long tradition. A company with strong roots in the region. Also, K+S is a company that is at the cutting edge of the industry.“

Stephanie Yandon (HR Advisor):
"K+S is open, trustworthy, caring and the diverse group of people we work with – it is not relationships it is more friendship that I have at work. It is just a great experience. It feels like family at K+S.“

Michelle Wolodin (Business Trainee Corporate HR):

"The team spirit at K+S is very special, I found this exciting from the very beginning. The people are welcoming and reach out to you, this definitely impressed me when I started here.“


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