The extraction and processing of raw materials always involves intervening in nature. We work continuously to limit this impact to the minimum and to find solutions to environmental and social challenges. For the purpose of environmentally compatible production whilst at the same time maintaining economic efficiency, we use well-engineered mining methods and treatment processes. On a Group level, we identified water, waste, energy/climate as key environmental topics.

Our environmental management records and systematically assesses the effects of our corporate activities on the environment in order to derive measures or targets. Environmental management generally takes account of site-specific challenges, but is coordinated on an issue-specific basis across locations, business units or across the Group. Our environmental experts meet at regular intervals on boards, in competence centres or in working groups to exchange experiences and best practices and to develop standards.

Environmental performance indicators at site and business unit level are collected using environmental man agement software that has been introduced at all production sites. We track the development of our environmental performances as well as the achievement of our site-specific targets using the generated reports.