Basic internships for students

Are you a high school graduate and want to study a technical degree (e.g. mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or industrial engineering)? Do you need an internship to be accepted for these courses? No problem! 

We can help you to gain practical experience straight after high school and lay the formal foundations to begin your studies.

What is the aim of the basic internship?

The technical basic/pre-internship will provide you with the basic technical knowledge (e.g. files, drills, milling machines) which is necessary for starting a technical study path. Additionally, you will get to know specific tasks according to work processes and be able to form initial contacts in the industry. The practical knowledge will undoubtedly make theoretical learning easier during your studies.

What do we expect from you?

  • Technical understanding
  • Good to excellent school grades

Where will the basic internship take place and how long will it take for me to complete it? 

The technical basic/pre-internship is offered at the plants in Braunschweig-Lüneburg, Bernburg, Werra, Zielitz, Neuhof-Ellers and Salzdetfurth. It lasts three months on average.

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