K+S KALI GmbH, Sigmundshall plant

Tienberg 25
31515 Wunstorf

Tel: +49 5031 104-1
Fax: +49 5031 104-2407


Arrival from the A2

  • Leave the A2 at exit 40 Wunstorf-Luthe.
  • Take the B441 in the direction of Wunstorf/Luthe/Steinhude.
  • In Wunstorf, take the B441 and turn off left into Hagenburger Straße (towards Stolzenau/Steinhude/Bad Nenndorf).
  • Continue along Hagenburger Straße (B411).
  • At the K329, turn left towards Bokeloh. 
  • At the end of the town please follow directions and turn off right to get to the access road to the Sigmundshall potash plant .


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