Shaping 2030

The new Group strategy “Shaping 2030” puts K+S on an ambitious, robust and sustainable course of growth.

  • Persistent focus on customers, alignment on four customer segments Agriculture, Industry, Consumers and Communities
  • Integration of business units to “One Company”
  • Realizing of at least €150 million p.a. in synergies by the end of 2020
  • Generating a positive Free Cash Flow by 2019
  • Indebtedness (Net debt/EBITDA) to be halved by the end of 2020 and to become investment grade in 2023
  • Realization of growth options of existing assets and in new business areas
  • Ambition to generate an EBITDA of €3 billion by 2030

Press Release 9 October 2017

Investor- and Analyst-Call (11.00 a.m.)

Media Call (1.00 p.m.)


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