The World that moves us


… lies up to 1,500 metres below the Earth’s surface. We mine raw materials which came into being million years ago. We process, refine and market the nutrients and minerals extracted from them all over the world.



Securing raw materials


“We are working together to meet the challenges related to the construction of our potash plant in Canada and are pleased with the daily progress ”.

Extracting raw materials


“The German potash deposits contain not only potassium but also magnesium and sulphur – this is globally unique”.

Mining raw materials


“Our family has been involved with mining for generations. My sons are continuing the tradition”.

Refining raw materials


“Our raw material is not only used for plant nutrition; it is also an essential mineral for the human body”.

Selling raw materials


“Our salt has a degree of purity of 99 per cent. You could sprinkle it on your breakfast egg straightaway”.

Distributing raw materials


“Even a bulk commodity business such as ours can success fully be handled by containers”.

Applying raw materials


“For robust crop growth, every nutrient must be present in the necess ary amount at the right time”.

Valuing raw materials


“At the latest when looking over the plant, I knew that this was not a job like any other.”



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