K+S Sourcing Platform

K+S organizes tendering and auctions via SAP Ariba Sourcing since October 2017. Ariba Sourcing is a Strategic Sourcing Platform and replaces the formerly at K+S used emaks-platform.

Generally we invite only such suppliers to RFPs, who have qualified in the past as supplier for K+S Group or who have applied as supplier (details of supplier application).

Invitations to RFPs and auctions are sent by us solely via e-mail.

Once you are invited by K+S to participate in an RFP, you’ll get more information about the registration process for participating in this RFP. Click on the registration link in the e-mail invite and sign up for a new Ariba-account or log in with your already existing Ariba-login-data. Only a few steps and the registration process is done. You just need to fill in the mandatory fields of your profile.

With your one-time Ariba-registration, you can participate in all future RFPs and auctions you are invited to by K+S.

To get more information about SAP Ariba for suppliers please see the Ariba website. Please consider, at this time we only ask you for collaboration in the Ariba Sourcing module (RFPs and auctions). The transaction costs mentioned on the Ariba website do not incur for Ariba Sourcing module. Therefore participating in RFPs and auctions from K+S is free of charge.

Your benefits as a supplier:

  • All RFPs and auctions K+S invites you to as well as all corresponding documents can be found on one platform.
  • You are always able to check the current status of your RFPs.
  • All communication is documented as you can communicate with the responsible buyer directly via Ariba.
  • The participation in RFPs and auctions for K+S via Ariba Sourcing will be free of charge for you as a supplier.
  • With a single Ariba Sourcing account you have the option to be invited to RFPs and auctions of other customers if they use Ariba Sourcing as well.
  • You can present your company on the Ariba Network and get in contact with potential new customers (regional and supra-regional).



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