25 October 2017

Bethune Potash Plant

The First Potash Ship Is on Its Way to Customers

On October 24, the first ship carrying potash fertilizers from the K+S Potash Canada’s (KSPC) Bethune mine (Saskatchewan, Canada) left it’s potash handling and storage facility at Pacific Coast Terminals in Port Moody, Vancouver. The ship is loaded with 30,000 tonnes of cargo and will supply customers in Asia.

“With the launch of production and the commissioning of the newly storage and transshipment facilities, we have now made a decisive step forward: We have started to supply the market with products from our new potash plant. We will also work consistently on proceeding with the next stage in the project, the ramping up of technical capacity to two million tonnes by the end of the year,” said Dr. Burkhard Lohr, chairman of the K+S Board of Executive Directors.

Dr. Ulrich Lamp, the managing director of K+S Potash Canada (KSPC), stressed that “With the departure of the first ship carry potash from Bethune, we are experiencing a further important milestone and, at the same time, witnessing the success of our many years of work. The entire team has been working intensively toward this moment and has displayed a fantastic team effort!”

Over the past few months, since the launch of production in June, the Bethune potash plant has made impressive progress: Starting at the end of July, the first, smaller volumes of potash were shipped by rail to Vancouver, while in August, K+S and the partner Pacific Coast Terminal opened a modern and high-performance potash handling and storage facility at Port Moody/Vancouver, and at the end of September, a first unit train consisting of 122 railcars brought 13,000 tonnes of standard potash to the port.

KSPC´s handling and storage facility can receive freight trains carrying up to 18,000 tonnes of product, offer storage for 160,000 tonnes of potash and can dispatch ships carrying 70,000 tonnes from its own quay. From this facility, K+S can supply the markets of Asia and South America from its newest plant in a way that is particularly advantageous in terms of logistics.

Note to editors

Press photos as well as further information about the new Bethune mine are available here on the Internet.

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