21 July 2017

Promising settlement discussions

K+S and Gerstungen want to end conflict

The Thuringian municipality of Gerstungen and K+S want to set aside their long-standing dispute. The aim of the already ongoing discussions is to conclude an agreement. The paramount issues are securing long-term drinking water provision for the municipality and simultaneously ending the legal dispute. The municipality and the Company want to reach an agreement by the fall.

Sylvia Hartung, mayoress of Gerstungen municipality, emphasizes: “It’s appropriate to discuss solutions for our drinking water provision together with K+S. The first meetings were held in a constructive atmosphere, so that all those taking part are confident to work out together sustainable solutions and set aside all environmental matters of dispute in the final result. The municipal council agreed to the ongoing discussions.”

“I’m convinced that potash production in Germany and environmental protection issues are compatible,” says Dr. Burkhard Lohr, chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of K+S Aktiengesellschaft. “But this can’t be explained in long pleadings before a court. That’s why we’re seeking constructive dialog, to achieve unanimous solutions together with Gerstungen Municipality.”

Gerstungen Municipality

Gerstungen was originally mentioned in the year 744. For centuries it was a hamlet and later came to be known as a border location within Germany. Today it lies centrally in the middle of Germany, directly by the A4 federal highway west of Eisenach in Wartburg County. The emerging Thuringian municipality has a population of about 6,000 and is a significant business location in the region. In the past 27 years, numerous companies offering jobs to many people have been located there. As a basic center, Gerstungen also offers important social welfare provision to surrounding towns and municipalities and is an attractive place to live.

Its most important attractions are Gerstungen Castle with its Werra Valley Museum and the Brandenburg ruins with the castle museum.

The Werra Valley’s beautiful nature entices not only those seeking relaxation but also the white stork – the municipality’s heraldic bird – which has made use of the nest on the Gerstungen Castle gable for many generations.

About K+S

K+S is an international resources company. We have been mining and processing mineral raw materials for more than 125 years. The products we produce from them are used worldwide in agriculture, food and road safety and are important elements in numerous industrial processes. Potash and salt are integral nutrients for the megatrend of a constantly growing and increasingly prosperous global population striving for a higher standard of living. This will result in increasing consumption of mineral resources. We serve the resulting growth in demand from production sites in Europe, North America and South America as well as through a global distribution network. K+S is the world’s largest salt producer and one of the top potash providers worldwide. With more than 14,000 employees, K+S achieved revenues in financial year 2016 of about € 3.5 billion and an EBIT of € 229 million. Learn more about K+S at www.k-plus-s.com.

Your contact person:

Ulrich Göbel
Phone: +49 561 9301-1722

Gerstungen Municipality:
Sylvia Hartung
Phone: +49 036922 245-14



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