Ad hoc disclosure pursuant to Section 15 of the German-Securities Trading Act [WpHG]

K+S Resolves Share Repurchase Programme

The Annual General Meeting of K+S Aktiengesellschaft (K+S AG) held on 11 May 2005 authorized the Board of Executive Directors to acquire own shares totalling up to 10% of the share capital on the stock exchange in order to cancel them without any further resolution of the Annual General Meeting; this corresponds to a maximum 4.25 million shares. The repurchase authorisation is valid until 31 October 2006.

In exercising this authorisation granted by the Annual General Meeting, the K+S AG Board of Executive Directors resolved a share repurchase programme via the stock exchange on 7 October 2005. Under the programme, 1,250,000 shares, i.e. just under 3% of the share capital, are to be acquired by the end of the year: At the current share price, this corresponds to just over EUR 70 million. The purpose of the purchase is to subsequently cancel the shares in order to streamline the capital structure of K+S AG.

The purchase price of the shares being bought back (excluding ancillary acquisition costs) may not be 5% above or below the weighted average of the stock exchange price of the shares in the XETRA computerized trading system for the last five exchange trading days preceding the acquisition.

The repurchase will shortly be effected by a credit institution that will decide about the timing of individual repurchases independently of K+S AG and without being influenced by it.

Further information will made available on www.k-plus-s.com during the repurchase process.

K+S Aktiengesellschaft
7. October 2005, Kassel
The Board of Executive Directors

End of ad hoc disclosure


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