K+S Sustainability goals 2030

With its Shaping 2030 corporate strategy, K+S is clearly committed to sustainability. We have set ourselves ambitious goals in these three areas: people, environment and business ethics.



  • HEALTH & SAFETY: Providing a healthy and safe work environment to protect our employees who constitute our most valuable capital
  • DIVERSITY & INCLUSION: Hiring and developing a workforce that reflects the places in which we do business. Fostering an inclusive environment that enables all employees to thrive and contribute to innovation and results.
  • HUMAN RIGHTS: Establishing the respect towards internationally recognized human rights at all sites to ensure this core value is applied globally





  • WATER:
    • Ending deep well injection of saline waste water from potash production in Germany by end of 2021, no application for renewal
    • Reducing saline process water
  • WASTE: Reducing the environmental impact and conserving natural resources by re-examining the potential of residues stored on tailings piles
  • ENERGY & CLIMATE: Reducing the carbon footprint and improving energy efficiency to enhance competitiveness



Business ethics


  • SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY CHAINS: Demanding sustainable practices from our suppliers along the entire supply chain to align all business activities to our values
  • COMPLIANCE & ANTICORRUPTION: Establishing a zero tolerance policy for corruption and bribery as well as anti-competitive practices to avoid the risks of liability, culpability, loss of reputation as well as financial disadvantages





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