Materiality Analysis

The materiality analysis enables us to identify our most important sustainability issues in conjunction with our stakeholders.

Which are the most important sustainability issues for K+S? Answers to this question are provided by an online-based survey conducted in 2017 (preceding analyses: 2016, 2014). Worldwide, 690 internal and external stakeholders were asked how they would rate aspects of sustainability. The response rate was 56 percent. Internal specialists and managers of the Group companies were included in some cases down to site level. Because different sustainability issues can come into play depending on the region and business activities of our companies.

The compilation of topics was largely based on the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative and GRI G4 Mining and Metals Sector Disclosures and takes industry-specific environmental aspects into account.

Findings of the most recent K+S materiality analysis:

  • A clear focus in the aspect of the environment on the topics of “wastewater” (including saline water), “energy”, “emissions” and “use of water”
  • “Health and occupational safety”
  • “Compliance”

The K+S sustainability goals 2030 address these topics and go beyond them.



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