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K+S provides solutions for the areas of Agriculture, Industry, Consumers and Communities. We are the largest supplier of salt products in the world, the fifth largest potash producer in the world and the largest supplier of potash and magnesium products in Western Europe.

We cater to our customers’ needs with our products and integrated solutions. We assist our business customers in creating economic value and help improve the lives of our end customers. At K+S, we think long-term and want to make a positive contribution to society through our products.

  • Our plant nutrients help to safeguard food for a growing world population.
  • Our industrial products contribute significantly to safety, progress and prosperity all over the world. For example, our pharmaceutical salts are used daily in hospitals.
  • Our dietary supplement salts provide people and animals with indispensable minerals.
  • Our de-icing salt ensures safety on the road.


Guaranteed quality, on-time delivery and professional advice are crucial for assuring customer loyalty. In our quality management operations, we therefore ensure that the quality of our products and services remains consistently high throughout all stages of the value chain. Our quality management system is based on DIN EN ISO 9001. In addition, our products meet numerous product safety standards. Our quality management system is regularly audited by external accredited certification companies. We constantly review our products for possible risks to health and safety and for their environmental compatibility and ensure that they are safe for people and not harmful to nature when used responsibly and properly.

We provide our customers with comprehensive information about our products and services in product data sheets.

Overview of our product certifications

esco - european salt company GmbH & Co. KG
K+S Chile S.A.
Morton Salt, Inc.
K+S Entsorgung GmbH
K+S Transport GmbH

Complementary Activities

In addition to our core business, we are active in the following areas of business:

  • In the Waste Management and Recycling business unit we use the underground chambers that have been created by the extraction of crude salt for the elimination and reutilisation of waste products in a manner that is safe over a longer period of time.
  • Granulation of animal hygiene products is performed at our Salzdetfurth site.
  • Chemische Fabrik Kalk (CFK) trades in different basic chemicals.
  • Our wholly owned subsidiary K+S Transport ensures on-time distribution of our products to the customer.



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