Sustainability programme

With its Shaping 2030 corporate strategy, K+S is clearly committed to sustainability. We have set ourselves ambitious objectives in these three areas: people, environment and business ethics.

Clear commitment to sustainability

(Dr Burkhard Lohr, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of K+S Aktiengesellschaft)

The definition of specific objectives to be achieved by 2030 and regular reporting of performance indicators will make our progress measurable going forward. The objectives decided by the Board of Executive Directors were drawn up by the specialist units and the sustainability department. Each member of the K+S Board of Executive Directors is also a personal sponsor of the objectives and actively pursues their implementation.

K+S sustainability goals and KPIs 2030

Health & Safety

Target 2030: Providing a healthy and safe work environment to protect our employees who constitute our most valuable capital

KPI Target by 2030 at the latest
Lost time incident rate (LTIR) 0
Vision 2030


Diversity & Inclusion

Target 2030: Hiring and developing a workforce that reflects the places in which we do business. Fostering an inclusive environment that enables all employees to thrive and contribute to innovation and results.

KPI Target by 2030 at the latest
Employees’ favourable perception of inclusive work environment (percent) >90

Human Rights

Target 2030: Establishing the respect towards internationally recognized human rights at all sites to ensure this core value is applied globally

KPI Target by 2030 at the latest
Sites covered by a human rights due diligence process (percent) 100


Target 2030: Ending deep well injection of saline waste water from potash production in Germany by end of 2021, no application for renewal
- Reducing saline process water

KPI Target by 2030 at the latest
Deep well injection of saline waste water in Germany (m³ p.a.) 0 Starting January 2022
Additional reduction of saline process water from potash production in Germany (m³ p.a.) -500,000 Excluding reduction by KCF facility and end of production Sigmundshall


Target 2030: Reducing the environmental impact and conserving natural resources by re-examining the potential of residues stored on tailings piles

KPI Target by 2030 at the latest
Amount of residue used for other purposes than tailings or increased amount of raw material yield (million tonnes p.a.) 3
Additional area of tailings piles covered (ha) 155

Energy & Climate

Target 2030: Reducing the carbon footprint and improving energy efficiency to enhance competitiveness

KPI Target by 2030 at the latest
Carbon footprint for power consumed (percent) -20
Specific greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) in logistics (percent) -10

Sustainable Supply Chains

Target 2030: Demanding sustainable practices from our suppliers along the entire supply chain to align all business activities to our values

KPI Target by 2030 at the latest
Critical suppliers aligned with the K+S Group Supplier Code of Conduct (percent) 100
by end of 2025
Spend covered by the K+S Group Supplier Code of Conduct (percent) >90
by end of 2025

Compliance & Anti-Corruption

Target 2030: Establishing a zero tolerance policy for corruption and bribery as well as anti-competitive practices to avoid the risks of liability, culpability, loss of reputation as well as financial disadvantages

KPI Target by 2030 at the latest
All employees reached by communication measures and trained appropriately in compliance matters (percent) 100
by end of 2019
Image map Health & Safety Diversity & Inclusion Human Rights Water Waste Energy & Climate Sustainable Supply Chains Compliance  & Anti-Corruption

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