Sustainability strategy

We systematically identify and assess relevant issues and social trends early on in order to incorporate them into our management processes and derive measures.

Sustainability is an opportunity to lead and transform the business through innovative changes. This helps us to advance our existing business, seize new business opportunities and minimise risk. In all our strategic decisions we strive to integrate ecologic, social and economic aspects for long term sustainable success.



  • HEALTH & SAFETY: Providing a healthy and safe work environment to protect our employees who constitute our most valuable capital
  • DIVERSITY & ANTIDISCRIMINATION: Increasing diversity and assuring zero incidents related to discrimination to ensure equal opportunities and to drive business innovation through different perspectives
  • HUMAN RIGHTS: Establishing the respect towards internationally recognized human rights at all sites to ensure this core value is applied globally





  • WATER:
    • Ending deep well injection of saline waste water from potash production in Germany by end of 2021, no application for renewal
    • Reducing saline process water
    • Promoting research and development as well as innovation activities
  • WASTE: Reducing the environmental impact and conserving natural resources by re-examining the potential of residues stored on tailings piles
  • ENERGY & CLIMATE: Reducing the carbon footprint and improving energy efficiency to enhance competitiveness



Business ethics


  • SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY CHAINS: Demanding sustainable practices from our suppliers along the entire supply chain to align all business activities to our values
  • COMPLIANCE & ANTICORRUPTION: Establishing a zero tolerance policy for corruption and bribery as well as anti-competitive practices to avoid the risks of liability, culpability, loss of reputation as well as financial disadvantages




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