Health and Occupational Safety

Our aim is to prevent accidents, reduce work-related health risks and increase knowledge of healthy and safe conduct in the workplace. In terms of health and occupational safety, we assess dangers on an ongoing basis together with work-related pressures and health risks. If deviations or potential for improvement are identified, we actively work to introduce measures to protect health and safety.


We have signed the Luxembourg Declaration on Workplace Health Promotion and in doing so have reinforced our commitment to working conditions that promote health. We strive to create working conditions and procedures that ensure the health and safety of our employees. Our employees, also with longer working life, should be able to work in a healthy and motivating environment. Our programme designed to promote health focuses on individual requirements, operational situations and country-specific circumstances and laws. Our workplace health promotion supplements the management systems with prevention and measures to improve health competences. Occupational health care and advice for employees of Group companies in Germany is provided by company doctors.

Occupational safety

Occupational safety is extremely important to us. Even though our accident figures are not higher than those of the rest of the industry, we have set ourselves the objective of making an improvement and are aiming for a ‘zero accident’ target in all our business activities. Advanced systems and processes constitute factors for the success of occupational safety. Our occupational safety programmes take into account of site-specific challenges and local legislation.


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