As of 31 December 2017, the K+S Group employed a total of 14,925 people.

Developing and supporting employees

The K+S Group views the support and development of the potential of its employees as a key investment in the future. As a transparent basis for all personnel processes, the K+S competency model defines which skills employees require in different roles. K+S offers its professionals and managers numerous opportunities for advancement in their careers.

We value active participation by all of our employees in the design of company processes and structures. At K+S we do this using ‘knowledge management’ and the continuous improvement process (CIP), for example. Here, ideas can be supported by the direct manager, rapidly implemented and rewarded depending on the benefit they provide. We would like to thank 5,800 colleagues who contributed 13,800 ideas in 2017. The calculable ideas generated an economic benefit of € 13.8 million. Bonuses totalling € 2 million were paid to our employees.



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