Human Rights

K+S respects and supports observance of internationally recognised human rights and develops a systematic process for all our sites as part of our concept for corporate human rights due diligence.

The International Charter of Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) core labour standards among other things are anchored in our Code Of Conduct and our Group-wide Supplier Code of Conduct. We naturally reject any form of forced or child labour.

We have started to implement human rights due diligence tailored to the company and our business activities, adopting a systematic approach. We consider five core elements:

  • Declaration of principles of respect for human rights
  • Procedures for identifying the human rights impact
  • Implementation of measures and review of their effectiveness
  • Reporting
  • Complaint mechanisms

By 2030, K+S aims to have a system in place at all sites enabling the human rights impact of our business to be assessed. Experts call this human rights due diligence. This will allow human rights violations and risks to be identified at an early stage, prevented and countermeasures taken.

By 2030 we aim to achieve the following target in the field of human rights:

  • We intend to implement human rights due diligence at all our sites (100 percent).



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