Community involvement

We are committed to our responsibility towards people, the environment, communities and the economies in the regions in which we operate. We support selected projects in the areas of education, social affairs and culture. Through donations and sponsorship and our employees getting involved in charity work, we have been actively involved for many years.

K+S is actively involved. We made donations totalling nearly € 1.9 million to benefit scientific and charitable causes in 2018. We also support our employees in getting involved in charity work and support projects by contributing material or goods. The terms and conditions for donations and sponsorship are governed by an internal guideline. K+S does not make any contributions to political parties, including their related organisations or persons.

Deep commitment to the areas around our sites

In Kassel and at the locations of the plants in Germany, K+S sponsors social and cultural projects, children’s and youth sports teams, and also hospitals and schools in a variety of ways. Among other things, K+S is a partner of the Bad Hersfeld Festival.

As part of the Community Investment Programme, K+S Potash Canada, for example, has signed an agreement to sponsor a museum for ten years, supports a major wetland offset project and donates to STARS, a charitable organisation that offers a helicopter ambulance service, thus saving lives.

Morton Salt is committed to effecting positive social change. Its activities range from supporting local community organisations to launching national campaigns in the USA on winter pet safety to collaborating with international organisations. K+S Chile is funding reconstruction after natural disasters, for instance.


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