Working at K+S Potash Canada

K+S Potash Canada is part of the K+S Group’s major Legacy project. The company is headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where a new potash plant and production facilities are being built. Expansion of the existing production network will make K+S the only company in the sector to produce potash products on two continents. The potash is mined using the “solution mining” method in which deep boreholes are drilled in order to flood the caverns with water. Once the tank storage facility is completed, the target solution undergoes an evaporation and crystallization process at a depth of 1,500 meters before the crude salt product is dried and packaged. The final product is then transported westwards in trains of up to 177 rail cars that reach a length of 2.6 kilometers. A stub line of 30 kilometers length had to be constructed for our plant to connect it to the existing platform near Belle Plaine in the south.




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