Materials Management, Procurement and Logistics

The Materials Management, Procurement and Logistics section ensures that all of our products are at the right place at the right time. This section is in charge of inventory management, managing and planning materials, the logistical procurement of goods and services, and delivering K+S products to customers. The employees in this area develop and implement important guidelines and processes so that logistics, supply chain, materials management and procurement are more effective and efficient.

Materials management

The materials management department coordinates logistical processes including inventory management, as well as warehousing and transportation of deliveries, products and equipment by ship, rail or HGV to ensure an adequate supply of goods and services. The economic efficiency of all these activities is a keyfactor here and is continually monitored. Inventory counts and the analysis of stock etc. ensure that various types of stock are monitored.


The procurement department is a strategic partner for all transactions involving third party suppliers. The department achieves this by developing and implementing efficient and effective procurement and logistics strategies, identifying and using the potential for synergy, as well as managing suppliers. Procurement constantly opens up opportunities to optimize costs, which significantly contributes to the competitiveness of the K+S Group. Employees working in Procurement also prepare requests for quotations, carry out negotiations, place orders and conclude (general) agreements or contracts. 


K+S raw materials and products often cover huge distances when travelling to and from recipients. Our logistics experts work on sophisticated concepts so that shipments are on schedule despite the huge distances and the different modes of transportation involved. The greater the distance the goods travel from the source to the customer, and the more services arranged, the more complex the processes become. The Group has 25 supply chain departments to manage the logistics processes throughout the Group. They track the whole the transportation of respective goods. The K+S logistics experts also work with shipping companies, rail and road haulage companies, and warehousing and handling companies all over the world.



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