Communication & Investor Relations

At K+S, corporate communication involves several sections. These are internal, external and political communication. All sections are jointly responsible for managing an open and ongoing dialog with stakeholders who are relevant for K+S. Key groups include our own employees and media representatives as well as shareholders and interested members of the public. The aim: to clarify the position of K+S, strengthen stakeholders’ confidence in the Company, its products and services, and, in doing so, to continually improve the reputation and image of the Company.     

Examples of tasks:

  • Planning, designing and realizing all internal and external communication measures
  • Editing content in texts and images
  • Selecting and overseeing communication channels which are appropriate for target groups – this includes the internal portal, the website and social media, as well as conventional magazines for employees, among other items
  • Advising specialist departments and subsidiaries in relation to dialogs with target groups

Investor Relations

As a corporation, financial communication plays an important role within the K+S Group. The Investor Relations section maintains contact with investors, financial analysts and media specializing in financial matters. This is ensured by communicating about the development of the Company appropriately and in a transparent manner. 

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