Health and Safety, Environment and Quality Management (HSEQ Management)

Health and safety, environment and quality management at K+S protects employees, neighboring communities, customers and nature, as well as ensuring high product quality. Management systems ensure a high process quality as well as the ongoing improvement of the service. Management systems play an important role within health, safety, the environment and QM both as individual areas and across all of these topics/ oder areas. Harmonizing systems can encourage communication, improve quality and increase efficiency.

Health & safety

Health and safety at work is based on the Occupational Health and Safety Act and aims at maintaining and improving the health and safety of all employees. We have a holistic, preventive approach to avoid accidents, work-related health problems and occupational diseases. We support the health of our employees in the workplace and promote a responsible attitude towards health and safety.

Risk assessments are the most important process for protecting health and safety at work. Risk assessments help to systematically identify the risks to employees, based on the activity. The objective is to identify and implement the necessary measures in terms of health and safety at work, and to monitor their effectiveness.

Environmental management/operational environmental protection

The environment departments at the plants act as an interface between the authorities and the Company. The aim is to create a secure legal foundation for the operating business and to continually improve environmental performance. It is very important for K+S that we comply with the law, and efficiency is a goal we have specified for a variety of environmental areas. Various monitoring systems, networks and internal audits help to record and evaluate environmental performance. Communication between the sites and the segments helps K+S to develop standards and best practices.

Quality management

In terms of quality management, the focus is on ISO 9001 and consistently meeting the requirements associated with quality management. The objective of the quality management department is to manage, develope, constantly improve and document this system. Another task assigned to this section is determining which processes are required for quality assurance, among other things for the production, marketing and sales departments, as well as with administrative functions such as procurement and human resources. In this way, it is possible to ensure and continually improve quality, product safety and consumer protection for the whole value-added chain.


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