Geosciences and mine surveying

At K+S, geoscientists work in deposit geology and exploration, hydrogeology and environmental geology, geotechnical engineering and rock mechanics, geophysics focusing on ground-penetrating radar, geological modeling and drilling technology. There is an equal focus on interdisciplinary, cross-plant issues and plant-specific geoscientific problems both above and below ground. At K+S, the work carried out by geoscientists particularly helps to guarantee the availability of raw materials and mining safety. They also document the geological situation below ground and deal with the geoscientific aspects involved in the disposal of processing residues.

K+S needs highly qualified mine surveyors and geotechnical engineers to plan excavation work, design and survey the mine workings, and to document and assess the excavation work and its impact above and below ground. The scope of their tasks includes:

  • Documenting the mining for deposits and its impact above ground
  • Planning and monitoring the stable deposition of production residues on tailings piles
  • Maintaining closed sites so that they are environmentally sound and comply with the permits
  • Engaging in dialogs with external parties such as authorities, associations and organizations


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