Working fields

Various job opportunities at K+S.

We are pleased that you are interested in K+S. Here you can find some informations about our fields of activity.



Within the K+S Group, mining includes prospecting, exploration and extraction of raw materials from the upper layer of the Earth’s crust, ... more

Finance, Tax & Insurance

The Finance division at K+S is divided into five departments. more

Research & Development

Increasing the benefits for customers and using natural resources as efficiently as possible – these are the main objectives of the research and development team. more

Facilities & Assistance

Employees engaged in multifunctional work and processes to increase efficiency in all areas of the Company. more


At K+S, geoscientists work in deposit geology and exploration, hydrogeology and environmental geology, geotechnical engineering and rock mechanics, geophysics focusing on ground-penetrating radar, geological modeling and drilling technology. more


The IT department manages the IT infrastructure and the application landscape within the Company and provides the necessary IT support so that all of the business processes within the K+S Group run well and work together. more

Communications & Investor Relations

At K+S, corporate communication involves several sections. These are internal, external and political communication. more

Management, Strategy & Innovation

The Management, Strategy & Innovation department provides service within two or more professional fields. more

Material Management, Procurement & Logistics

The Materials Management, Procurement and Logistics section ensures that all of our products are at the right place at the right time. more

Human Resources

The Human Resources department is responsible for the procurement, management and development of personnel as well as for employee retention. more


K+S use a large range of technical and chemical processing technologies when we process the resources we have extracted underground. more

Legal Affairs

The Legal Affairs department at K+S deals with the rights, obligations and privileges of the K+S Group. more

Safety, Health, Environment & Quality Management

Health and safety, environment and quality management at K+S protects employees, neighboring communities, customers and nature, as well as ensuring high product quality. more

Engineering & Maintenance

The employees in the technology and maintenance section attend to the design, assembly and maintenance of all the installations, devices and machines in the value-added chain – whether it involves mining technology, processing plants or (electro)technical equipment belonging to another section. more

Sales & Marketing

The sales and marketing department introduces the products offered by the K+S Group to the customer. more



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