K+S at a glance

Rooted in the region, at home around the world – that is K+S.

As one of the internationally leading providers of mineral products, we stand for global action and live our responsibility on site. Get to know us – over 14,000 pals and colleagues look forward to meeting you!

As of today, …

  • ... we mine and refine minerals into indispensable products of everyday life.
  • … we help farmers to secure the world’s food supply.
  • … we develop solutions that bring forward the entire industry.
  • … we work for the health and well-being of people.
  • … we stand for safety during winter.
  • … we are represented at 80 locations across four continents.
  • … we rely on the competence of around 14,000 employees.

What makes us so special as a global corporate group? Our strong, regional rootedness – as many of our employees grew up right where they work today.

Facts about K+S:

  • €3.627 million in revenue in 2017
  • 70% of employees in Germany and 30% in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia
  • 15 different professional fields
  • Production plants in Europe and North and South America,
  • More than 560 trainees
  • 15.2 years of employment
  • approx. 30% of our employees work underground

Working internationally


K+S is the world’s largest salt producer and one of the top potash providers worldwide. K+S mines and processes raw materials on four continents for customers all over the world

Working fields


Various job opportunities at K+S.

Locations in Germany


Locations in germany



Did you know that salt is much more than a flavor carrier? It is used in many areas, for example in pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, as road salt during winter, in fertilizers, modern plastics, ceramics, leather, colorful fabrics, and in many more areas of our everyday lives.

Why K+S?


Are you interested in big machines? Would you like to contribute to securing the world’s food supply? Or do you think it is fascinating to work with valuable minerals 1,000 meters below ground? Then K+S is right for you!



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