Key data K+S Share


Type of share Unit shares of no par value
Number of shares 191,400,000
WKN (Security identification number) KSAG88
Listings all stock exchanges in Germany
Ticker symbol Bloomberg SDF GR and SDF GY
Ticker symbol Reuters SDFG
Product code for stock options EUREX SDXF
Product code for stock options Bloomberg SDF GR Equity CT
Produktcode for stock options Reuters 0#SDFG.DE*.EX
Accounting Standards IFRSs
Trading segment Prime Standard
Prime branche Chemicals
Industry group Chemicals, Commodities
Paying agent Commerzbank

We would like to point out that searching for K+S share prices in financial portals or mobile applications (e.g. for iPhone) may cause problems due to the "+" symbol. This can be avoided by using our ticker symbol "SDF". In case of further questions we are happy to assist you.


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