K+S American Depositary Receipt (ADR) Programme

The K+S ADRs are traded in the United States under a level 1 ADR programme in the over the counter market (OTC).

Key facts
Ratio: 2 ADRs  = 1 Ordinary share
CUSIP: 48265W108
OTC platform: OTCQX

The ADRs are issued by the U.S. depositary bank The Bank of New York Mellon who provides the following services for U.S. and Canadian ADR holders:

  • Recording and maintaining the register of ADR holders
  • Acting as transfer agent
  • Distributing dividends in US dollars
  • Facilitating the proxy voting process and exercising the voting rights on behalf of ADR holders
  • Distributing company annual reports, company circulars and Annual General Meeting documents

Current trading information are available in our Quote data section, further details can be found at the OTC platform www.otcqx.com.

In case of  further questions please visit our Q&A section.


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