K+S Brine Challenge

We believe that sustainability has great value. And we believe in the ambition, the wealth of ideas and the wisdom of the many. As a responsible member of society we strive to reduce our environmental footprint. For us, this also means minimizing the salt wastewater from our tailings piles. We have been very committed to this topic for a long time. Maybe we already have the best solution.

But what if not?

We invite researchers, start-ups, institutes and all people who are driven by great inventiveness to participate in our brine challenge with their proposals. Share our challenge. Shape more sustainable solutions.

Video message by Mark Roberts, Chief Operating Officer, K+S AG. 2:09 min.

This video explains how the Brine Challenge works:

Explanatory video of the K+S Brine Challenge. 1:50 min.

Optimizing the existing procedures with new approaches

The company has been working on long-term projects to cover the large tailings piles in the Werra potash district for some time now. The aim is to significantly reduce the amount of saline wastewater caused by rain. Experts at K+S have developed promising methods in recent years, some of which have already been tested and implemented. In order to further optimize these processes in the future, new, innovative ideas should now also be included.

K+S is cooperating with NineSigma, the open innovation provider which will stage it on its internet platform and mobilize its international network. The ideas have to fulfill specific requirements and can be submitted until December 12, 2018. The proposals will then be evaluated by a jury. The best ideas will then be awarded € 20,000 each in April 2019.

The Hattorf site’s tailings pile of the Werra potash plant in Philippsthal.


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