Sustainable supply chains

The K+S supplier portfolio comprises suppliers for the areas of production and technology, logistics, IT and general administration. We purchase both materials and services. We have set ourselves ambitious goals for focusing our supply chains on sustainable growth and developed a specific concept for implementing this focus worldwide.

To ensure compliance with our values throughout the supply chains, we expect our supplies to commit to the values and principles of our K+S Group Supplier Code of Conduct. It covers human rights, employee rights, health and occupational safety, environmental aspects and corporate citizenship.

In 2017, we reviewed our supplier management and performed a comprehensive risk assessment of our suppliers. A total of 99 percent of our contractual partners are based in OECD countries.

In our planned activities, the entire procurement process is assessed, from the initial request through to delivery and performance to settlement. The evaluation of suppliers is then also incorporated in the total cost of ownership calculation. This evaluation is supplemented by self-disclosure, which new suppliers are required to submit. Should it become evident that a supplier does not meet our criteria, the company’s internal members of the supply chain will be notified immediately and appropriate action taken.

We aim to achieve the following targets by 2025:

  • By 2025, the K+S Group Supplier Code of Conduct is expected to cover more than 90 percent of our spend.
  • All of our critical suppliers, in other words suppliers with a high sustainability risk, are required to commit to the K+S Group Supplier Code of Conduct by 2025.



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