Compliance & anti-corruption

Compliance is an integral part of our corporate culture at K+S. The applicable legal regulations, our internal regulations and the regulatory standards recognised by the company form the basis for our compliance management system.

All employees are extensively briefed on the Code of Conduct that is applicable throughout the Group and on the regulations derived from this and encouraged to act in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We regard it as a matter of course that breaches of compliance are pursued and penalties imposed. Every employee is made familiar with the core values and principles that are applicable throughout the Group as well as with the internal regulations derived from these. Training sessions for potentially affected employees are held in relation to specific issues. We plan to intensify our compliance training and communications measures in the future. This will enable K+S to ensure that its corporate values are applied in practice and the reputation of the company is protected.

Our Group-wide compliance management system creates the prerequisites for ensuring awareness across the Group of applicable legislation as well as our internal regulations and other regulations of equal importance, and that compliance with these can be monitored. Our aim is not just to avoid the risks of liability, culpability and fines as well as other financial disadvantages for the company, but also to ensure a positive reputation for the company, its corporate bodies and employees in the public eye.

Employees have the option to seek advice internally in compliance-related matters (for example, from the legal departments or compliance officers). Moreover, we have set up external hotlines (ombudspersons) for reporting compliance breaches, anonymously if desired.

We have also anchored these principles of our compliance management system in our sustainability goals, provided them with a key performance indicator and underpinned them with various concrete measures.

Our compliance and anti-corruption goal by 2019 is to:

  • Impose a zero tolerance policy in relation to corruption and bribery so as to avoid the risks of liability, criminal liability, loss of reputation and financial disadvantages.



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