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Financial year 2017: Foundations laid for growth

The K+S Group has improved in all of its key indicators in the 2017 financial year: revenues rose to € 3.6 billion (previous year: € 3.5 billion), operating earnings EBIT I increased to € 271 million (previous year: € 229 million) and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) were lifted to € 577 million (previous year: € 519 million). “Even though 2017 was a year shaped by transition, we reached our targets, laying a strong foundation for our future,” said Dr Burkhard Lohr, CEO of K+S AG.

K+S Group at a Glance: January - December 2017

All figures in accordance with IFRS January - December € million Difference
  2017 2016 in %
Revenues 3,627.0  3,456.6 +4.9
Earnings before interest, taxes depreciation and amortization (EBITDA)1) 576.7  519.1 +11.1
Operating earnings (EBIT I) 270.8  229.3 +18.1
Group earnings, adjusted 2) 145.0  130.5 +11.1 
Earnings per share, adjusted (€) 2) 0.76 0.68  +11.4
Capital expenditure (CapEx) 3) 810.8  1,170.8 -30.7
Adjusted free cash flow -389.8  -776.8 +49.8 
Employees as of 31 December 4) (number) 14,793 14,530  +1.8 

1) Adjusted for the depreciation and amortisation amount not recognised in profit and loss in the context of own work capitalised.
2) The adjusted key figures include the result from operating forecast hedges in the respective reporting period, which eliminates effects from fluctuations in the market value of the hedges as well as effects from the exchange rate hedging of future capital expenditure in Canadian dollars (Legacy Project) (see also the “Explanation of the income statement and the statement of comprehensive income” on page 154 of the financial report 2015. Related effects on deferred and cash taxes are also eliminated; tax rate in 2017: 29.9% (2016: 29.3%).
3) Investments in or earnings-effective depreciation on property, plant and equipment, intangible assets, investment properties as well as depreciation on financial assets.
4) FTE: Full-time equivalents; part-time positions are weighted in accordance with their respective share of working hours.


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