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    Q1/2018 Q2/2018 H1/2018 Q3/2018 9M/2018 Q4/2018 FY/2018 Q1/2019 Q2/2019 H1/2019
Revenues € million  275.4 277.3 552.7 276.3 829.0 303.8 1,132.8  281.8 282.5 564.3
Sales volume million tonnes 2.47 2.52 4.99 2.57 7.56  2.74  10.30  2.44 2.47 4.91
EBITDA € million  64.0 60.5 124.5 46.6 171.1 54.4 225.5  58.5 55.8 114.3

Our products in the Industry segment are extensively used in electrolysis and food processing industries, however industrial applications for our products are broad, ranging from pharmaceutical production to copper mining. For example, electrolysis is used to produce chlorine, a key substance for many industries. Our minerals are also contained in nutrition solutions and in cosmetic and personal care products. We play a key role in feeding the world population with our products and technical know-how for the food processing industry.

The customer segment Industry can be found in both operating units according to the regional split and previously belonged to the two former business units and the Complementary Activities.

Products and services

K+S offers a wide range of higher-quality potash, magnesium and salt products for industrial applications that are available in different degrees of purity and in specific grain sizes. These are used, for example, in chlorine-alkali electrolysis in the chemical industry as a component of various plastics, to improve flavour and nutrient content in food, in glass production, in metallurgical processes, in the textile industry, in biotechnology, in oil and gas exploration, in water softening and in the recycling of plastics.

In addition, a range of products is available to meet the particularly high requirements of the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food processing and animal nutrition industries. Product brands in the customer segment Industry include: APISAL®, AXAL®, BÄCKERSTOLZ®, KADD®, KASA®, K-DRILL®, MORTON® PUREX®, MORTON® STAR FLAKE® DENDRITIC, SOLSEL ®.

As a service for third parties and as a complementary business, K+S also uses parts of underground chambers that have been created by the extraction of crude salt. In some cases, waste products are removed safely from the biosphere in underground depositories. In other cases, residue from the flue gas cleaning procedure is used as backfill material to fill the chambers. The salt mineral sites used for this purpose are separated from the ongoing raw materials extraction operation, are impermeable for both gas and liquids and are securely separated from the layers carrying groundwater. A combination of geological and technical barriers guarantees the highest possible safety. K+S offers a complete service covering the recycling of salt slag for the secondary aluminium industry. An additional business sector is the above-ground recycling of low-contaminated materials.

At the Salzdetfuth site, furthermore, extensive sections of the above-ground infrastructure of an inactive potash plant are used to granulate the well-known branded animal hygiene product CATSAN® for our customer MARS GmbH, among other applications.

The Transport Unit of K+S KALI GmbH in Hamburg acts as K+S’s own logistics service provider, offering a number of different logistics services.

CHEMISCHE FABRIK KALK GMBH (CFK) trades in a selection of basic chemicals such as caustic soda, nitric acid, sodium carbonate (soda) as well as calcium chloride and magnesium chloride.

Important sales regions

Europe and North America each account for 44 or 39% of revenues in the customer segment Industry. Other sales regions are located in South America, particularly in Brazil, as well as in Asia.

With potash and magnesium products for industrial, technical and pharmaceutical applications, K+S is also one of the most competitive manufacturers in the world and is by far the largest supplier in Europe. In terms of salt products for the food processing industry and salts for industrial and commercial applications, ESCO is a European market leader. Through K+S CHILE, South America’s largest salt producer, K+S has access to the growing sales regions in South and Central America. MORTON SALT and K+S WINDSOR SALT belong to the largest salt producers in North America.

The Waste Management Unit of K+S KALI GmbH operates primarily in Europe and has a leading position there for underground reutilisation.

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