Complementary Activities

Waste Management and Recycling

The Waste Management and Recycling business unit uses the underground caverns created as a result of the extraction of crude salts for the safe disposal of waste over a long period of time and for waste recycling while employing the available infrastructure of active potash and salt mines.

K+S Transport GmbH

With K+S Transport GmbH in Hamburg we have our own logistics service provider. The operation of the “Kalikai” in Hamburg, one of Europe’s largest transshipment facilities for the export of bulk goods, is K+S Transport GmbH's core business and of strategic importance for the Potash and Magnesium Products business unit. 

Animal hygiene products

We granulate the animal hygiene products “CATSAN” and “Thomas” for the customer Mars at our Salzdetfurth location. Existing plants and extensive sections of the infrastructure of a disused potash plant are used for this purpose.

CFK (Trading)

Chemische Fabrik Kalk (CFK) trades in different basic chemicals. These include, among others, caustic soda, nitric acid, sodium carbonate (soda) as well as calcium chloride and magnesium chloride. Among CFK’s customers are well-known European chemical companies, glassworks, metal processing businesses, detergent manufacturers, breweries as well as cities, towns and municipalities, which use cal-cium chloride or magnesium chloride for winter road maintenance services.

Key figures   2017 2016
Revenues € million 159.9 161.1
Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) € million 30.3 30.8
Operating earnings (EBIT I) € million 23.5 21.9
Capital expenditure € million 4.4 5.8
Employees as of 31.12. number 280 276

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