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We enrich the lives of end consumers in nutrition and water softening.

    Q1/2018 Q2/2018 H1/2018 Q3/2018 9M/2018 Q4/2018 FY/2018 Q1/2019 Q2/2019 H1/2019
Revenues € million 110.1 102.7 212.8 108.5 321.3 132.4 453.7  119.6 108.5 228.0
Sales volume million tonnes 0.48 0.41 0.89 0.42 1.31  0.50  1.81  0.48 0.40 0.88
EBITDA € million 10.1 7.5 17.6 16.6 28.2 15.1 43.3  16.4 9.0 25.4

Our brands – and particularly MORTON SALT – can be found on shelves around the world. Every child in the United States knows our “Umbrella Girl”.

The customer segment Consumers can be found in both operating units according to the regional split and previously belonged to both, the former Potash and Magnesium business unit as well as the former Salt business unit.

Products and services

K+S products for consumers include table salt, water softening salt, dishwasher salt and de-icing salt for use in the home. The portfolio also includes premium products such as sea salt, kosher salt and low-sodium salt. Family-sized packages of de-icing salt for consumers round off the product range in this segment. Product brands include BALANCE®, BIOSAL®, DIAMANTE BRANCO®, CÉRÉBOS®, LOBOS®, MORTON®, SALDORO®, VATEL ®, WINDSOR® for table salts, CLEAN AND PROTECT®, PURE AND NATURAL®, REGENIT®, SYSTEM SAVER® for water softening and ACTION MELT®, SAFE-T-PET® and SAFE-T-POWER® for de-icing salt.

We relaunched our premium German table salt brand SALDORO® in April 2018. Based on representative consumer studies involving qualitative interviews, we strategically realigned the brand, expanded the product range and modernised its design to better meet the needs of consumers.

Important sales regions

Revenues of this customer segment are mainly generated in North America. Germany, France, Benelux, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe are key sales regions in Europe.

In terms of products for consumers, K+S is a European market leader. Through K+S Chile, South America’s largest salt producer, K+S has access to the growing sales regions in South and Central America. MORTON SALT and K+S WINDSOR SALT belong to the largest salt producers in North America.

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