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We provide a safe environment in the winter.

    Q1/2018 Q2/2018 H1/2018 Q3/2018 9M/2018 Q4/2018 FY/2018 Q1/2019 Q2/2019 H1/2019
Revenues € million 352.9 48.2 401.1 81.8 482.9 225.5 708.4  400.6 47.0 447.6
Sales volume million tonnes 6.86 0.93 7.79 1.53 9.32  4.00  13.32  7.11 0.86 7.97
EBITDA € million 82.7 -10.6 72.1 1.6 73.7 48.1 121.8  85.6 -18.1 67.5

Our de-icing salts prevent accidents in the winter. K+S is the only supplier present in all of the world’s major de-icing salt markets.

The customer segment Communities can be found in both operating units according to the regional split and previously belonged to the former Salt business unit.

Products and services

Public road authorities, winter road maintenance services and commercial bulk customers procure de-icing salts from K+S, to a great extent through public tenders. Premium de-icing products are also offered; often as a result of adding calcium or magnesium chloride, they create heat on contact with ice and snow and work more efficiently than conventional products, especially at very low temperatures. These products are marketed under the BLIZZARD WIZARD® brand in the United States and the DI-MIX® brand in Europe.

Important sales regions

Revenues of this customer segment are mainly generated in North America. Canada, the Midwestern United States and the US East Coast are particularly important regions in this connection. The main European sales regions include Germany, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Benelux and France.

In terms of production capacity, K+S is the largest supplier of salt products in the world. ESCO is a leader in the European market. Through K+S CHILE, South America’s largest salt producer, and MORTON SALT as well as K+S WINDSOR SALT, K+S is one of the largest salt suppliers in North America.

To ensure reliable supplies to our customers, thanks to our production and logistics network in Europe, North America and South America, we can respond more flexibly than local competitors to weather-dependant fluctuations in demand for de-icing salt.

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