Customer Segment Agriculture

We enable farmers to provide nutrition for the world.

Our fertilizers are used virtually all over the world – from the wheat fields of Europe to the rice terraces of Asia to the coffee plantations of South America.

The customer segment Agriculture can exclusively be found in the operating unit Europe+ and previously belonged to the former Potash and Magnesium business unit.

Products and services

The products of this customer segment are deployed in farming as plant nutrients. As natural products, these are largely permitted for organic farming under EU law as well.

Potassium chloride

The universally applicable mineral fertilizer potassium chloride is used in particular for important crops, such as cereals, corn, rice and soybeans. Potassium chloride is applied directly on fields in granular form, mixed with other straight fertilizers in bulk blenders to produce what are known as “bulk blends” or alternatively supplied as a fine-grain “standard” product to the fertilizer industry, which processes it along with other nutrients to produce complex fertilizers.

Fertilizer Specialties

The fertilizer specialties differ from potassium chloride, either because they are chloride-free, because of different nutrient formulas with magnesium, sulphur, sodium and trace elements, or because they are water-soluble. These products are used for crops which have a greater need for magnesium and sulphur, such as rapeseed or potatoes, as well as for chloride-sensitive crops, such as citrus fruits, vines or vegetables. Fully water-soluble fertilizers are used in applications such as fertigation (use of fertilizer in irrigation systems), particularly for fruit and vegetables. The fertilizer specialties are marketed under the following product brands: KALISOP®, KORN-KALI®, PATENTKALI®, ESTA® KIESERIT, MAGNESIA-KAINIT®, SOLUMOP®, SOLUSOP®, SOLUNOP®, HORTISUL®, EPSO TOP®, EPSO MICROTOP®, EPSO COMBITOP® and EPSO BORTOP®.

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