Show yields improvement from using fertilizer

‘Unnat Krishi’ means ‘improved agriculture’ in the Indian official language Hindi. Since 2013 K+S Fertilizers India and cooperation partner Sehgal Foundation achieved impressive results at the project. Harvest yields of rural families in villages in Indian state of Rajasthan increased by 24 to 33 percent on average.

‘Unnat Krishi’ helped farmers get started by pre-financing the costs of seeds and fertilizer. The female farmers pay back 60 percent of these input costs into a fund after selling the millet and rapeseed they have harvested. This small cooperative then finances subsequent small-scale projects. The female farmers, organized into support groups, were the only ones with the power to decide whether money should be used to buy a machine or other tools.

Prof. Joska, Managing Director of K+S Fertilizers India has drawn conclusions for the future. “We learned at least as much from ‘Unnat Krishi’ as the village women did.” Farmers in India are too used to being cheated, marginalized, and ultimately deprived of what little money they have. “It was very difficult to build and maintain trust in these communities,” reflects Dr. Surender Roperia, employee of K+S India Fertilizers. In partnership with the Sehgal Foundation, Gerendas and Roperia plan to put the experience they have gained to use in their concept of next development aid project. “Our goal needs to be to win over two or three important farmers in a village,” Gerendas says. “Once their neighbors have seen how much their yields have improved from using fertilizer, they will start to get on board as well.”

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