Management of risks and opportunities

The aim of the risk and opportunity management system is to promptly identify risks and opportunities across the whole of the K+S GROUP and evaluate the financial impact on the asset, financial or earnings position as well as the nonfinancial impact of the risk and opportunities. Steps are then taken to prevent/reduce the risks or use the opportunities; by doing so, the system is able to support the safeguarding of the Company’s success on a sustainable basis. Moreover, structured internal and external reporting of the risks and opportunities should be ensured. The following principles apply in this respect:

+   Corporate actions are inevitably associated with risk. The aim is to use the opportunities available and only take risks that are unavoidable in order to secure income potential.

+   No action or decision may constitute a risk in itself, which foreseeably leads to a risk in terms of the Company's continued existence.

A directive that is applicable across the Group governs the tasks and powers of the parties involved in the risk management process, the risk and opportunities management process itself and defines the requirements for risk and opportunity reporting.     

The central risk and opportunities management committee has the task of providing general advice on general issues relating to risk and opportunities management and coordinating these across the Group. It also has the task of analysing the general suitability of the risk and opportunities management system on a regular basis and issuing recommendations for actions to the respective responsible management if a need for adjustment is identified.

A detailed description of the process for identifying, assessing, controlling and reporting risks and opportunities, a presentation of risk management in relation to financial instruments (IFRS 7), as well as the significant risks and opportunities, can be found in the 2018 Annual Report on page 110.


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