Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find contact persons or contact details?

The contact persons and their contact details at the respective sites can be found here.

What do I have to do if I want to apply to more than one site at K+S?

Please register through the online application system and assign your application to the relevant sites.

Which documents should I enclose in my application?

If you apply online, please fill in at least one application form completely. Independently of this, you can attach further documents, in particular personal letters or an additional tabular curriculum vitae. In order to support your application, please enclose or attach all important certificates and official documents.

Which requirements are made to my letter?

The performance, skills, creativity, commitment and mobility of our employees are important conditions for our success. For this reason, your letter should elaborate on your motivation, the aforementioned success factors and your salary expectations in addition to the position you are applying for with us. In case of speculative applications, please indicate the area of work you are interested in and why.

It is especially important to us that you assess yourself realistically and honestly, and communicate an image of yourself that is reflected later in the interview. Please include your contact details in your letter or curriculum vitae (including e-mail address) at which you can be reached.

What should my curriculum vitae include?

The curriculum vitae should be tabular ,in chronological sequence and reflect the most important stages in your education and career until now. Any chronological gaps should be explained briefly but understandable. If you have professional experience or have already completed an internship in the past, a short list and description of the duties you performed is very helpful. If you have already received exam results of your current studies, please always indicate the grades and points you have received so far. In addition, we are also very interested in additional skills you may have acquired, e.g. IT or language skills, and your hobbies, of course.

How long will it take before I receive a reply?

As soon as we have received your application, we will send you a confirmation by e-mail. Your application will then be examined in one or more specialist departments. This may take a while, because we actually wish to ensure that your documents receive the attention they deserve and can be examined in detail. We will contact you again as soon as possible and, if necessary, inform you about further steps.

What is the selection process usually like?

By making a comprehensive application, you give us the opportunity to gain a really good impression of your personality and qualifications. If questions remain open, we will contact you, by phone.

If you are a suitable candidate, we will invite you to an interview which will be conducted by a representative from the personnel department and at least one representative from the specialist department, normally the competent superior. Please calculate one till two hours for the interview session.

Depending on whether we have already managed to gain a comprehensive picture of each other during the first interview, a second interview may be conducted.

In the selection process for the Business Trainee Program, you will be invited to attend a one-day assessment center if you are a suitable candidate. On this assessment day, you will be facing individual and group tasks. Finally, a short interview with specialist questions will also be conducted.

No job that exactly suits my talents has been advertised. What else can I do?

In this case, you are welcome to submit a speculative application. In the online application system, please select the site and field for which you wish to apply. You can then create or expand your profile and also attach your own documents. For all other sites, please select the relevant contact person for a speculative application as well as contact details from our map.

How can I register in the online application system?

Via the "apply online now“ button (job advertisement), you are taken to the subpage "online application". Here you will find the "Register“ button. You can enter an user name and a password and, from then on, always use this information to log into the online application system via the "Login" button.

How can I apply for advertised vacancies in the online application system?

To do this, please go directly to "online application" via the job advertisement you wish to apply for. Your application will then be assigned to this advertisement automatically.

How often are vacancies updated?

As soon as a position has definitely been filled, it is deleted from our job market. It may therefore be the case that a contract for a position is about to be signed but the vacancy can still be seen in the job market. We will be happy to inform you by phone about the current status with regard to the filling of a particular vacancy and about whether it is still worth submitting an application.

I am experiencing technical difficulties in applying online. Who can help me?

If you need technical assistance, please contact our IT Service Centre on +49 561 9301-1133 or by e-mail at

If you have questions regarding the application process, please get in touch with our recruiting-team.

What can I do if I have forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can click on the "Forgotten password” link on the login page and enter your user name or e-mail address to receive a new password to the e-mail address that you saved earlier.


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