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The aim of the K+S Group is to fill specialist and managerial positions primarily from our own ranks and thus to enable our employees to have long-term and attractive careers within our company. We therefore do everything in our power to harness and develop the potential of each and every employee in the best possible way. We make great investments in HR development, offer an extensive range of services for continuous development while maintaining a successful talent management program.

Advanced education

During the annual review meetings and employee interviews, employees and their supervisors jointly identify areas in which advanced education could be necessary or helpful. In addition to advanced education activities required by law, K+S also offers vocational, interdisciplinary, IT and language training, as well as special series of seminars for managers. In order to successfully meet the challenges posed by the internationalization of the company, we also determinedly extend the communication and understanding of intercultural skills. In doing so, K+S supports not only our new talents but also our experienced employees in order to expand their know-how throughout their entire career.

Talent management

The aim of our talent management is to identify employee potential within K+S at an early stage, support the employees concerned and assist them with development prospects. At the same time it has been possible to secure long-term succession planning, meaning that adequately qualified employees are available every time a position becomes vacant.

Annual review

During the annual review meeting, managers and employees jointly agree on focal issues and objectives for the coming year. Employees receive feedback on their performance profile, enabling them to see the contribution their achievements have made to overall success. Furthermore, the employee’s potential is discussed and development activities derived on that basis. The annual review also provides an opportunity to exchange thoughts on the working partnership and to identify possible measures for improvement.  

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