Salt pan near Onslow, Western Australia.

Ashburton Salt and the local environment

K+S is committed to best practice environmental management for the Project and is drawing on expertise within Australia and globally to ensure the Project is environmentally appropriate.

From the outset, environmental scientists are working closely with Project engineers, to ensure environmental impact avoidance and minimisation is considered as part of each step of the design process.

The K+S approach to environmental management for the Project includes:

  • Locating the Project 40 km southwest of Onslow, to minimise its interface with the Exmouth Gulf;
  • Ensuring an adequate buffer to mangrove communities (recognising these are important components of the ecosystem);
  • Minimising impacts on algae mat communities (recognising these are important primary producers in the local food chain);
  • Not including long-term bitterns (salty water produced from seawater evaporation) storage in the Project design, instead investigating other recognised best practice methods of bitterns management in use within the salt industry; and
  • Minimising, if not eliminating, dredging of the ocean floor.

The above initiatives along with a comprehensive project Environmental Impact Assessment and Management Plan, will place Ashburton Salt amongst the best environmentally performing solar salt projects in Australia and globally.

Environmental approval process

The Ashburton Salt process will be assessed by the Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). This process is expected to take several years and involve detailed environmental studies.

The project’s Environmental Scoping Document (ESD) was approved in January 2018 and will guide the project’s environmental studies.

To download the ESD, visit our News and Resources page.

More information about the local environment

K+S has produced a series of environmental fact sheets. These can be found at News and Resources.


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